June 9th, 2017


June 9th, 2017


Happy Friday, Dga!!

So, here’s more context on what was in last nights post about brachial nerve flossing. This is to help with the SA OHS that have been programmed recently. Eric noticed a bit of a struggle with these, so he reached out to his couch, Kyle, for some feedback! Take a look at their exchange.


I have some questions about SA OHS

1. Some of my client cannot maintain a locked out elbow while squatting. Is that neurological, mobility(thoracic specific), or both

2. Some are forced to turn/torque their bodies. It looks weird and uncomfortable….

3. Most cannot breath during the movement so I think more touches and awareness would help with that specifically

We definitely will not be doing them in workouts anymore. But can use them for skill and practice.

Can you give me any feedback on these


1. Likely a combo of both — improving thoracic extension and rotation should help a lot as well improving shoulder flexion. Also add some nerve flossing for brachial nerve

2. Look @ hips & thoracic here — if they lack hip internal rotation or thoracic rotation they will find the rotation elsewhere in order to complete the movement (i.e. layer compensation on dysfunction)

3. Inability to breathe could be neurological — i.e. they’re trying to hold their breath to stabilize OR they have too much “input” into the system to coordinate a breath

for general pop I would say working TOWARD a zero compensation SA OH Squat is probably a good idea, but not in a “for time” setting



A. PC + Clean + FS x 5 sets – Use 80-85% of last weeks max and use for all 5 sets
B1. Strict Pullup 4-5 x 4 @ 31×3
B2. Wtd Pushup/Pushup 4 x 10 @ 3010
B3. Double KB OH WL 4 x 8 per side
30 Power Clean and Jerks 135/95


A. Clean 60%3 x 1, 75% 3 x 2 ,80%1×2, 85%1×1, 88%1×1 rest as needed
GG Qualifier #1

12 minute AMRAP
10 hang squat clean (135/95lbs)
10 alt. front rack reverse lunges in place (135/95lbs)
20 chest-to-bar pull-ups

*Remember, yesterday was 60% effort, today is 100%!*