June 8th, 2017


June 8th, 2017


Hey guys! Here’s a video on Brachial Nerve Floss. Don’t know what that it is? Take a look HERE! The brachial plexus is a group of nerves that come from the spinal cord in the neck and travel down the arm.

These nerves control the muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, as well as provide feeling in the arm. Some brachial plexus injuries are minor and will completely recover in several weeks. Other injuries are severe enough and could cause some permanent disability in the arm.



A. TGU 3 per side x 5 sets rest as needed
B1. Suicide x 2 x 5 sets (150′) rest as needed
B2. Wall Walks x 2 x 5 (last rep hold for 30-45 sec at top) rest as needed
B3. Squat Complex (start w/ bw) x 10 x 5 sets rest as needed
**The goal for the squat complex is to move fast while also
maintaining good body positions and perfect form
Bretzel 10 breaths


Granite Games Workout 1

12 minute AMRAP
10 hang squat clean (135/95lbs) (masters:105/75lbs)
10 alt. front rack reverse lunges in place (135/95lbs) (masters:105/75lbs)
20 chest-to-bar pull-ups

*The goal here is to go at about 60% to familiarize yourself with the workout, and plan a strategy. Then, execute that strategy at 100% on Friday!*