June 23 2015


June 23 2015


Tonight we will take a little closer look at the competition side of the gym. Just to start things off I think its very important for you to know that we are coming up with standards for following competition. The coaches are not quite finished, but I can assure you that we will benefit greatly from these standards.

As for the movements this go round you have already noticed that our primary focus is on the olympic lifts. The reason for this is simple….carry over for the sport of fitness. The olympic lifts demand great mobility and stability from the ankles,leg,hips,back and shoulders. NOT having proper mobility and stability while executing these movements can and will create stagnant growth for the user. Lucky for all of you we now have a FMS protocol which will tell us what we need to prioritize in our mobility and stability work.

So how about our high rep squats and shoulder to OH?? It is my opinion that between 1-5 reps  of any exercise the primary focus is absolute strength. Conversely, 6-20 reps can be used to create muscle endurance or ME. We have never done a ME cycle until now. It will be very interesting to see how it positively or negatively effects absolute strength scores. Regardless, fitness for the sport of fitness will be positively effected, since we do participate in an endurance sport.

As for the conditioning, it may look random at times but it is definitely not.  Be sure to read tomorrows post to hear about conditioning….




5 sets
13 KBS (russian)
250m row
6 SA OH Walking Lunge (per leg)
5 sets
SA Bottoms Up KB Walk (length of gym)
60-70 Sec FLR (shoulder blades pulled down,lats engaged, and body in straight line)
Kneeling Thoracic mobility



A. Push Press 8-8-10-10 rest 3 min
B. PC + PJ + SJ x 5 rest 2-3 min
C. Snatch Grip DL 3-4 x 4 @ 41×1 rest 2 min
500m row @ 90%
rest 1:40 x 8 sets