June 24, 2015


June 24, 2015

I wanted to start tonights post off by correcting a mistake that I made last night. When discussing the reps for training for muscle endurance I said that the reps ranged from 6-20, thats actually not accurate. Reps 1-5 focus on absolute strength, ¬†for 6-12 reps the primary focus is hypertrophy(think making the muscle bigger; Body Building), and 12-20 reps would be ME focused. I have learned from other mentors and through my own data collection that if you want bigger muscles, increase the reps just don’t go too high, if you want to get as strong as possible with minimal hypertrophy(muscle size) do less reps with heavy weights. All 3 rep ranges have a place in fitness. The design of the program is the most important aspect of any program. The design if done properly, can and will meet the needs of the client.

Conditioning continued- What we will look at doing moving forward is trying to develop work capacity within specific movements. Monday is lower and upper pull(snatch) mixed with two aerobic pieces(row and DU). Its really nothing fancy. However if we look at it from a programming perspective what would really go good with this piece is burpee and or T2b. But, if I did that then I would not be able to work the OH movements on Tue. Just due to the fact that there is minimal recovery time b/n efforts on the shoulders. If you look at it from the sport of CF perspective we get the opportunity to hit our BS on Monday mixed with a typical CF triplet, then get in technique(Shoulder to OH) and more aerobic work on Tuesday. The workouts have been a little too long or maybe everyone works slow. Regrardless of the reason,  everyone needs to prioritize proper cool down and mobility work. You are only helping yourself by doing so. I apologize for only highlighting Mon and Tue work but this would be really long if I covered everyday. But hopefully this gives a little more insight to what and what. Thank you for all of the support and please let me know if you any questions. Onward!! Eric


DB BP 8-10 x 4 @ 41×1 no rest
Supinated Pullup 3-5 x 4 @ 31×3 rest 1 min
4 sets
Barbell row 5-7 @ 31×1 no rest
face pull 12 reps @ 3113 no rest
4 rounds for time
20 Wallballs
5 Burpee Broad Jumps
200m run


A1. Hang (Squat) Snatch 5-5-4-4 no rest
A2. SA FW x 4 (Parking lot 1 length per hand) no rest
B1. HSPU Strict (deficit) 4-5 x 5 rest 1 min
B2. T2b AMRAP UB (-1) x 5 rest 2 min
25 min row Z1

Masters-Please sub wall walks for HSPU. you may work on HSPU after class