June 22, 2015


June 22, 2015




Congratulations to Trey, Macy, JC, and Morgan for their 2nd Place finish at the World Camp Team Throwdown.  We are super proud of you guys. Way to represent for DGA!!!!!!!


I wanted to take the time to tonight and give you a peak behind the  DGA curtain. I want to give you all an idea of where we are heading and what my vision for DGA really is. First and foremost I want to continue to provide group fitness services to Laurens County, that will not change. However, I think that it is very important for DGA to offer personal training as a service to new members as well as current members. The group model has been very effective for most of you but I personally have had a ton of success programming and coaching personal training clients. Personal training is going to be a service that we start marketing and selling to the public. If you or you know someone that is interested in personal “coaching” or training please let me or one of the other coaches know.

The biggest upgrade that we are looking at and definitely just as important as the personal training is content. I see DGA being the leader in fitness education for the middle Georgia area. The coaches and I are going to start putting together content (videos,writings,blogs, etc….) that provide the reader/consumer with new education and more awareness around all things fitness. The content will be posted to the website periodically and will be free to you. If you have a topic you would like to learn more about please let one of the staff members know so that we can start putting together some valuable content on the subject and get it out to you all.


So tonight we roll out our very first content piece. We are going to take a look at the next cycle and explain what it that we are trying to achieve in the next 6 week. We will do Fitness tonight and Competition tomorrow.

For the fitness followers you should have noticed a larger volume of KB work. It is my opinion that KB’s force users into better movement patterns and are much easier to manipulate than the barbell. The KB is so versatile and the conditioning that can be done speaks for itself. Get use to the getup or TGU….Talk about a fantastic movement. The user must have great scapular stability and great shoulder mobility and strength to execute a proper get up. The getup enables the user to get a lot of work done without doing to0 many eccentric movements. Just to give you an idea the Thruster(front squat+ Push Press) works the same muscle groups as its nasty cousin the TGU. One movement, the Thruster you can get away with some bad reps like the bar not finishing over heels, not squatting below parallel, elbows not in a good front rack. Conversely, the TGU is almost impossible to do wrong…..Now, I know someone can probable screw it up but not anyone at DGA;)

Grip and Carry work- Examples FC, WC, SA FC, SA WC, Barbell Walks, KB Walks, etc….. When you grip something your rotator cuff turns on. This is extremely important for any and everyone who participates in a fitness program. The shoulder is complex part of the body and the part of the body that gets injured the most in training programs. These movements are extremely safe and very effective at creating shoulder and core stability.

Upper Body Pulling- Pullups, Upright row, any kinds of rows…The idea here is……you guessed it, strength and stability in and around the shoulder. MOST people have never participated in a program that moves the body through all ranges and plains of motion. MOST males come to us and can “PUSH” a lot of weight but are unable to “PULL” a weight that is relatively comparable to the pushing weight. This creates a strength imbalance in the shoulders and can create an environment where the user will be more susceptible to injury.

I hope that this helps a little. We will continue to bring and provide education to all of our members. If you want to know why we are doing something please DO NOT hesitate to ask. I love WHY’S!!!!! See you tomorrow DGA




A. TGU 4 per side x 4 rest as needed (we will do these as a group)
6 sets
Waiter Carry or SA Farmer Carry
Double KB Front Squat 12 reps
Plank 70 sec (shoulder blades pulled down,lats engaged, and body in straight line)

** If you are unable to get in a good OH position, you will have to do the FC
Lax Ball work 6-7 min



A. Hang Muscle Snatch 4 x 5 “control eccectric”
B. Back Squat 12-14-14-16 rest 3 min
5 sets
300m row
7 Power Snatch 135/85
40 UB DU
rest 2:30
Mobility Work

Masters-Sub 5 Shoulder to OH @ 95/65 for the PS. If you are unable to do DU’s lets find an alternate exercise that you are proficient at that will allow you to keep the HR at conditioning pace