June 19 2015


June 19 2015



Hey guys and gals we have our very own wrist wraps. You can mix and match the colors and guess what ladies they are totally unisex. Remember Fathers Day is on Sunday and I know some fathers that would love some new DGA wrist wraps. These wraps are definitely unique due to the fact they have no velcro. Not only are they great at protecting the wrist but they are also great at reducing sweaty hands. They are $25.00 for the pair. They are set up in the store so if you don’t have CASH, please charge them to your accounts. See you tomorrow DGA



A1. Deadlift 8-10 x 4 @ 41×1 no rest
A2. SA DB Seated Press Palms Facing 10-12 x 4 @ 31×1 no rest
4 sets
7 DB Thruster
5-7 Pronated Strict Pullup
45 sec hollow hold
3 sets
SA FW Parking Lot rest as needed



A. TGU 4 per side x 2 sets rest as needed
B. Power Snatch 2-3 reps EMOM x 10 min (make it look easy)
C. Wtd Strict Pullup 4-5 x 4 @ 31×1
3 rounds for time
500m row
20 KBS
6-8 UB Strict C2B Pullup (if you are unable to do 6 strict UB, reduce the number)