July 21 2015


July 21 2015

Growing Up: Part 2

Spartan Shields


“Have your instructors taught you why the Spartans excuse without penalty the warrior who loses his helmet or breastplate in battle, but punish with loss of all citizenship rights the man who discards his shield?”

They had Alexendros replied.

“Because a warrior carries helmet and breastplate for his own protection, but his shield for the safety of the whole line.”


See, the shields protected the person to the right and to the left. The Spartans could move as a unit as long as the men had their shields. Their success relied solely on their ability to work as a unit.  Now you are probably like my wife and asking why is this important and how on earth could this have anything to do with DGA…

So my question for you is, how does this message impact you?

For me personally it allows me to put my life in perspective. I realized after reading these lines that its not about me. It is however about the legacy that I leave behind. Now I am not asking for everyone to carry a shield around to protect other people. I am reminding you that you have a huge impact on the lives and in the lives of the people you come in contact with everyday. Take advantage of every single opportunity you have to make a difference.




A1. SA DB Upright Row 10-12 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 3010 no rest
A2. Strict Pullup 2-3 x 4 (M), x 6 (F) @ 41×1 rest 1-2 min
5 sets; no rest
5 DL + 3 PC
15 WallBall
30 Sec of DU



A. HPC (right above the knee) + (right below the kee)- 1 sec pause before starting; 15 sec rest; rest 2 min
B. Split Jerk Practice (Bar+Really light weight) x 2 x 5 rest as needed
5 rounds
1 min HS Walk Practice or Wall Walks
1000m row
10-12 GHD Situps