July 20 2015


July 20 2015

Part 1. Growing Up


I was reminded of something over the weekend. I was reminded how when you are 20 years old you are the only thing that matters. You are smartest human on earth and why would anyone expect a 20 year old human to do something nice for someone else. Its amazing what having a business that provides a service, having an amazing wife, and a child will do for your perspective. Maybe it also has something to do with my age and who I surround myself with outside of work. Regardless of what it is, I am so thankful that I have the perspectives and the awarenesses that I do. Below is a quote from a book that I am reading…

“Have your instructors taught you why the Spartans excuse without penalty the warrior who loses his helmet or breastplate in battle, but punish with loss of all citizenship rights the man who discards his shield?”

They had Alexendros replied.

“Because a warrior carries helmet and breastplate for his own protection, but his shield for the safety of the whole line.”

Gates Of Fire, by Steven Pressfield





A1. Back Squat 8-10 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 41×1 no rest
A2. SA DB Row 8-10 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 31×3 rest 60-90 sec after both arms
EMOM for 15 min
1 min- 1 TGU per side
2 min- 10-12 KBS
3 min-8 Jumping Lunges per side



A. 3 Position DL Snatch Grip+ Snatch x 5 rest 15 sec after DL; rest 2 min
6 sets
Waiter Carry with Handle (parking lot)
35 UB DU


Weights for A no heavier than 135 for males and 85 for females


Competition-We will be deloading for the next few days. Please take this time to recover and work on some fundamentals. We will get back started with regular training on Thur. We will also be releasing standards this week for the competition side. Not sure yet if we will do a town hall or just place them on the site…. We will keep you posted.