December 6th, 2016


December 6th, 2016


The workout for tomorrow is one that you should all be comfortable with by now, so tonight I’d like to talk to you guys about your mental game.

I spoke with one of our members on Saturday about how Crossfit is a very mental sport. Yes, being physically fit plays a large part in being successful in our journey, but having a strong mental game is just as important. When it’s a 20 minute AMRAP and there is only :45 seconds left, are you the athlete that says “Okay, I’m almost done, I’ll just stop now.” Or are you the athlete that says “Okay, how many more reps can I get in this :45 seconds?” To me, this is the point in the workout when you should push the hardest. When you get fatigued, your muscles are aching, and you’re sweating like crazy, where is your mind? I want to challenge each of you to find your inner fight, and push! I believe, if we do this in our workouts, it will spill over into our lives else where.


(Can anyone name the athlete that uses this hashtag?!”


A1. Arnold Press 4 x 6 @ 3010 (pronate hand at the top) (build)
A2. Barbell Row 4 x 6 @ 31×3
EMOM for 20 min
1 min- Shuttle Run (parking lot)
2 min- 30 sec AB for max cals
3 min- KB FR WL 7 per side @ tough weight
4 min- Sled Push (light and fast)
**Be consistent with your times on the shuttle run
2 sets
10 Alt’ing DB Bicep Curls
10 Banded Tricep Extensions


A. Snatch Technique- 10 min
B. Snatch- Work to a heavy single for the day- no more than 2 misses
4 sets
KB FR RFESS x 6 reps @ 31×1
BB BP x 6 reps @ 32×1
300yd shuttle (parking lot) -9 changes of direction, start and finish on the end closest to the gym
rest 2 min x 4, Please write times for all sets on the board
**Try and beat last weeks times or at least the avg time