December 5th, 2016


December 5th, 2016

Monday Funday

DGA, it’s a new week here in beautiful Dublin. We are slowly inching our way closer to Christmas/ the Holiday’s, and I know you’re all excited! Moving into this week, I want to remind everyone that we have¬†changed our Christmas Party.¬†January 28th at 6:00pm will be our new date! We will do our annual dirty santa gift exchange! Pot luck as usual! We will be having the party at Southern Heritage’s banquet hall! Natalie has posted this to Facebook, be sure to go comment on the post with what you’re bringing.

Also, we you see some of our Master’s members, be sure to give them some love, as Michael Price, Amber Price, and Jason Fountain competed this past weekend! Each of them brought home a podium finish! They all did awesome, and we are very proud they represent our DGA fam!




A. (Squat) Clean + Push Jerk x 6 sets rest 90-120 sec (Build) no misses
B. Good Morning 3 x 7 @ 31×1 rest 90-120 sec HAP (neutral head/neck)
12 min AMRAP
5 FS 135/95 (from the floor)
3 S. PU
200m run/row
3 sets
Plank (both elbows) w/rotation 10 per side (slow and controlled)
10 Defranco Cuban Press
Cool down and stretch


A. Clean (squat) 2 EMOM for 10 min @ tough weight w/ no misses
B. Back Squat 4 x 6 @ 32×1 rest 2-3 min
3 sets for movement quality
5 Kipping PU (C2b)
5 Burpee Box Jumps
12 WB
rest 60-90 sec b/n sets
3 sets
12 Thruster 105/75, 75/55
7 BF Burpee
rest 60-90 sec b/n sets
after 3 sets
3 min recovery row or AB
**Movement quality is priority
**WIth the recovery pieces do not use the same modality both times