December 7th, 2016


December 7th, 2016


DGA, you all did absolutely amazing today! Fitness, that 20 min EMOM was no joke, but you all handled it like champs! Like competition did today, tomorrow you all will be doing shuttle runs in the parking lot. I want you guys to give the same effort to that, like you did to the EMOM! Also, don’t forget to write down your times! 🙂



A1. PC 5 x 3 rest as needed
A2. DB BP 5 x 7 rest 60- 90 sec
A3. S. Supinated PU 5 x 2-3 @ 31×2
EMOM for 7 min
7 Heavy FS from floor (HAP)
300 yd shuttle rest 2 min x 4 (9 changes of direction) Start and finish on the end closest to the gym
**Keep track of times


Active Recovery/Mobility
A. OHS 3 x 10 @ 3333- Bar Only, Bar + 10’s per side, and go heavier for the last set
**The goal is to get your hands as close as possible. Warmup up good, all work sets should be performed
with a “clean” grip.
5 sets
3 Wall Walks
2-3 S.PU + 20 sec chin over the bar hold (pronated only)
1 min FLR in RIngs w/ feet elevated