December 4 2015


December 4 2015


I just wanted to with this guy the absolute best. We are losing a great member of our facility. We are so thankful to have had the chance to get to know, coach, and workout beside Brandon Cliatt. You will be missed brother. Please come and visit us when you are home. Good luck with school and we hope to see you soon!! Familia Indoneitatem



A. DB Thruster 10 reps x 5 sets rest 2 min (increase weight per set)
B. SA DB Row 12 per arm x 4 sets rest as needed
4 sets
150′ Reverse Bear Crawl
12 Double KB FS+ Walk 75′ before putting KB’s down (Walk with KB’s in Front Rack)
1 Sled (heavy;grinding pace)
3 sets
12 Face Pulls
Black Burns 10-20 sec @ each position



A. Snatch (Max)
B. Deadlift Off Blocks with Bar Below Knee 1RM
C. -20% of B for 3
D. BB FR Lunge 6 per leg x 4
** rest as needed
5 rounds @ 90%
200m run
12 UB OHS 135/95-masters sub FS
35 UB DU