December 7 2015


December 7 2015

As some of you may know fitness is something that I absolutely love. Some of you have been with us since the beginning and have watched the gym grow into a full fitness business (not just CrossFit). It has been an amazing journey to this point and I feel like a kid at Christmas when I start to think about what the future holds for our little gym and our community. DGA has allowed me the time to really look at my life and continuously examine how I can become a better human (not just athlete). I have become completely obsessed with leadership, running a fitness business, and everything that else that falls under that umbrella (therapist, accountant, janitor, coach, programmer,etc..). There are so many days that go by and I am not sure if I am making the right decisions for our business or for our family. But no matter what, the day always comes to an end and it ends with me coming home to the most beautiful woman inside and out that I have ever laid eyes on.

I want DGA to be more than just a place of attaining the highest levels of physical fitness. I want it to be a place where people come to be closer to God, a place where people can attain emotional and spiritual fitness. It is so easy to get stuck into our habits of just coming into the gym and going through the motions. I encourage all of you to really take a look at yourself and look at all the blessings in your life. Life is one big practice session where we are constantly learning and making mistakes and regardless of what happens we all get to go home and be with the people that we love the most.

So cheers!!! Here’s to another kick ass week at DGA!!!!!!!

Happy late birthday to Amber Price and Happy birthday to Rachael Morris



A. Back Squat 5-5-4-4-4 @ 31×1 rest as needed no more than 3 min (5 sets)
5 sets
18 UB Wallballs Ladies 10′ and Guys 10′ “HTLW”
30 sec DU practice or 150m row
4 sets
Shuttle run (Outside Only)
20 Russian KBS
rest 30 sec
600m row cool down(approx 18-20 strokes per min)

**We may have to do the shuttle runs inside. If so, please move sleds.



A.Snatch 40%x3,50%x3,60%x3, 75%x2,80%x2, 85%x1- all singles, no Tng
B. Back Squat 85%x1 rep x 3 sets
** rest as needed
4 rounds for time
8 Thruster 115/75
30 UB DU
7/10 T2b
**Compare to 9-21-15
**Masters males sub clean for snatch

**This is the last week of the cycle. Its max week. Get your mind right!!! #TCB