December 3 2015


December 3 2015


If you do not have +2 Strict Pullups w/Pronated Grip
A1. Supine Grip Chin Over the bar Hold 20 sec x 5 sets (minimal rest)
A2. SA DB Bicep Curls (Seated) 12 per arm x 5 sets (minimal rest)
If you have +2 Strict Pullups w/ Pronated Grip
A1.Supinated Strict Pullups 5 x 5 (you may add weight)
A2. Barbell Tricep Extension 12 reps x 5 minimal rest
B1. DB BP 10 reps x 4 sets
B2. Side Bridge 30-45 sec per side
B3. HS Hold (30sec) Back to Wall or FLR (30-45 sec)
5 sets
14 russian KBS
1 shuttle sprint (Inside or Outside)
rest 30 sec



A. Clean and Jerk 40%x3,50%x3,60%x3, 75%x2,80%x2, 85%x1, 88%x1, work up with no misses “No tng, singles only”
B. Front Squat 1RM
C. -20% of B for AMRAP
D. RDL 8 reps x 3 sets rest as needed
4 sets
1 RC+ 10 sec @ 3 positions for pullups- chin over, elbows @ 90 degrees,and just below 90 degrees
15 Tricep Extension (slow and contolled) (HTLW)
Masters Males
OH Squat Mobility.Start with hamstrings
A1. Hamstring stretch with band 30 sec per side x 5
A2. Thoracic mobility 30-45 sec x 5
EMOM for 14 min
Even- 3-5 MU
Odd-8 Cals on AB