This Saturday[Nov 17th]@10:30…we will honor a very special lady, Grace!!!!


This Saturday[Nov 17th]@10:30…we will honor a very special lady, Grace!!!!


Hello to all: We are honored to be a part of this fundraiser on Saturday.  We are thrilled to know that several members of Grace’s family will be attending this event.  Grace, will actually be in Texas receiving another treatment.  Please feel free to bring friends and family!!! Our CrossFit DGA athletes will be performing a WOD to honor GRACE!!!!  Go hard, guys….

We will continue to stand with Grace and her family as they continue to fight the fight!!! Please read Grace’s story below and prepare your heart and mind for Saturday!!! Onward and Upward!!!  Thanks in advance for putting your heart and soul into this workout!!!

Grace Smith is the oldest of Eric and Laura’s four children and resides in McRae, Georgia. She graduated from Telfair County High School in 2012. She was working as a waitress at the Southern Star Grill in McRae and had planned to enroll at Georgia Military College this fall. But she began experiencing abdominal pain at the end of June and underwent two weeks of testing at The Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. Six weeks later, she was back in the hospital. On Aug. 24, doctors removed a 10-pound tumor from her abdomen and 60 % of her stomach. The pathology report came back on Sept. 10. Grace has been diagnosed with a pediatric unclassified sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive type of connective tissue (bone or muscle) cancer found in children and young adults. Grace remained positive and upbeat following her diagnosis. For her Facebook status, she posted: “Dear Cancer, I’m not the only one battling you. I have a whole army of friends, family and the power of God standing with me. And we are stronger than you. Game over 🙂

Grace received her first round of chemotherapy treatment, Wednesday, Oct. 3 and her second round Oct 27. She is scheduled for her third round of chemotherapy treatment November 17. Because of the type of cancer she is fighting and the level of care needed, she is receiving all her treatments at the M.D. Anderson Sarcoma Clinic located in Houston, TX. As of now Grace is able to receive her treatments in Houston and then travel home for the 3 week interval between the scheduled chemotherapy treatments.

Grace continues to have a smile on her face and she remains ever confident in receiving her miraculous healing.  Grace is grateful to all who are standing with her in faith and praying for her and is thankful for everyone who is helping to support her and her family through this difficult season of her life.