September 23 2015


September 23 2015

“The Assessment”


I am sure people want to know why we started doing the assessments. The assessments, like all great ideas, came about because of necessity. I personally see it as an opportunity to provide all of our clients and future clients with a better fitness service. The assessment will eventually allow us to spot orthopedic disfunction before an injury occurs. Now, most importantly it tells us if clients have any asymmetries from right to left. Then after the assessment we can give correctives for those specific asymmetries. We will continue to look for ways to improve our systems. As always thank you for your continued support. I am looking forward to another great day of learning tomorrow.



Lifting Technique
5 sets
1 Bear Crawl @ 150′
1 Sled Push



A. Clean & Jerks 40%x 3, 50% x 3, 60% x 3, 75% x 3,80% x 2, 85% 2 x 1(2 sets of 1 rep)
B. Front Squat 5RM x 1 sec pause,
C. Take 15% of A, x AMRAP paused for 1 sec
4 sets
10 Face Pulls
10 Bent Over Row with fat bar
12 SA DB Bicep Curls (12 per arm)

4 sets
1-2 MU + 3 dips
OH Yoke walk 100′