September 22 2015


September 22 2015

We started a new strength cycle for both groups on Monday Sept 20. This will be the last cycle of the year and will tentatively take us to the 3rd week of December. Fitness will be primarily focused on shoulder health and development. We will also be looking at absolute leg strength and knee health as well with double leg squatting and single leg work(Back Squat and Front Squat and lunges,RFESS, stepups). We will also be doing more activities outside.

The competition group will be focused on absolute strength and speed strength (squatting and oly lifts). We are going to try and make sure that females are getting what they need, separating conditioning and extra work with an emphasis on upper pulling and upper pushing. Conditioning will be optional. Please remember if you want to get stronger and have better body comp you should take time off from conditioning. Also, please remember to eat good clean quality food and get some good quality sleep. There is nothing that can take the place of good food and good sleep.

I want to make sure and acknowledge that I did borrow the outline of the competition cycle from another coach. I have had to make some small changes due to time restraints for our clients. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Lets make it a great day!!!





A. DB Arnold Press (SA) 10 RM @ 3010 rest 90-120 sec
B. Strict Pull 1RM no tempo rest as needed
C. TGU 2 per side (Max) rest as needed
In 4 mins complete
5 Wall Walks or 12-15 Pushups @ 3010



A. Deadlift Paused at Knee 3 sec 3RM, then -10% for 3 rest as needed
B. BB Front Rack Lunge 12 each leg x 4 rest as needed
4 sets @ 80%
250m row
10 Burpee over rower
**The DL’s with a pause are tough. When or if your back starts to round terminate the set**
**We want perfect form**