October 26 2015


October 26 2015

It was an amazing weekend for DGA at the Throwdown. On Saturday, Ranna won the scaled divison and Amanda placed 3rd in her divison. I am super proud of all of our athletes especially our rookies which include Morgan Manley, Adrian Nobel and Colby Howard. Thank you to everyone who came and supported. A huge thanks goes out to my wife who does not get nearly enough credit for being the glue that keeps this “family” together. Thanks again to all of the athletes for putting in the training time, it showed out there today!!! Its going to be a great week!!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!


Podium Finish



A. Back Squat 6-8 x 5 @ 31×1 rest as needed no more than 3 min
5 sets
6 Hang Clean 115/75
35 DU or 200m row
3 sets
1 sled (16-20 sec of work)
8 Burpee AFAP
no rest



A. Snatch 40%x3,50%x3,60%x3, 75% x 3 sets of 2 ,80%x2, 85%x1, 88%x1
B. Back Squat 5RM
C. -5% for 5
D. -10% for 5
3 sets
5 Bounding Box Jumps
10-12 UB Strict Pullups (yes, may use a band)
3 rounds
20 Wallballs
35 UB DU (everytime you break= 1 sled)