October 23 2015


October 23 2015

We wanted to wish Kristin Stinson a happy birthday!!! Thank you for all of your support the past three years!!!!

Kristi Stinson



A. FS 5 RM “No Tempo”
B. -10% of A, AMRAP
C. Thurster- 10-8-6-6 rest 90-120 sec
D. Shuttle Sprint x 7 (down and back in parking lot) rest 30-60 sec
5 sled pushes 15-18 sec of work

**You may use DB’s for the Thrusters. It is much safer when done with DB’s. If you have a shoudler imbalance from right to left please use DB’s



A. Snatch Pull to Snatch to OH Squat Max
B. Deadlift Off Blocks with Bar at Knee 5RM
C. -10% of B for 5
D. BB Front Rack Walking Lunge 6 per leg x 5

**Masters Males please sub OH Squat moilbity work for A