October 11th, 2016


October 11th, 2016

Top heavy Tuesday

Hey everyone! Awesome job today. I know Eric mentioned this on Facebook, but I wanted to remind everyone that if you come in the morning or late afternoon, you may want to bring some long sleeves. As the temp drops, it will get cooler in the gym, naturally. I’ll miss you guys today, but I’ll see you all Wednesday! 🙂


PC + 4 Shoulder Press + 4 Push Press (3 sec lowering on all 8 reps) “HTLW”
4 sets
Neutral Grip “Ring” PU or (you may use monkey bars) x 4-5 reps (with 4 sec lowering) 2 sec hold @ top
Deadlift x 4 reps pause 3 sec right below the knee on the way up (same weight as last week)
KB FR Walking Lunge 8 per side “HTLW”
rest as needed
Optional Sweat Session
EMOM for 12 min
1 min- 30 max distance shuttle run
2 min-30 sec Thruster w/ BB only, Ladies please use DB’s


A. Hang Snatch + Snatch Build to a tough single for the day
B. Push Jerk 2 EMOM for 10 mins @ 78% of 1RM
3 sets
12 Double KB OH WL (6 per leg) “HTLW”
10 Back Extensions with twist at top( 5 per side) you may add weight
4 sets
1 min max Air Squats w/ #20 vest
30 sec S. Pronated PU w/ #20 vest