November 30th, 2016


November 30th, 2016


Well, we’ve made it to the hand way point of this week! It was great seeing so many of you tonight! Can you guys believe its almost December already?! 2016 is almost over and Christmas is approaching quickly. I want you all to stay focused and finish this year strong! I know times get crazy with Holiday’s and family, but make sure you’re making time for your health! Don’t let the last few weeks of the year go by without coming to the gym. I promise, January 1st, you will regret it!



A1. Shoulder Press w/ Barbell 4 x 8 rest 60 sec “build”
A2. SA DB Row 4 x 8 per side @ 31×2 no rest “build”
5 Sets
15-20 sec chin over the bar hold
sled push (light and fast)
3 sets
8 Good Mornings “Slow eccentric and fast concentric”
10 side plank w/ rotation (you may add weight) 10 per side


A. PC- Build to a tough 3RM for the day
B1. RDL 4 x 8 @ 51×1 no rest
B2. SA FW 1 min per side x 4 sets no rest
4 sets
20 KBS
250m row
rest 1:1
Cool Down