December 1st, 2016


December 1st, 2016


First day of December!

DGA Fam, we’ve made it! It is officially December 1st! Per the usual, you all did awesome today! You guys really do make our jobs easy! It’s always fun getting to watch you all do movements and become more comfortable with them. The more confident you become, the more weight you feel comfortable putting on the bar. I hope you all have a great training day tomorrow, I’ll see you all Friday!


A1. PC 5 x 3 rest as needed
A2. DB BP 5 x 8 rest 60- 90 sec
A3. S. Supinated PU 5 x 4-5 @ 31×2
EMOM for 6 min
7 Heavy FS from floor
300 yd shuttle rest 2 min x 4 (9 changes of direction) Start and finish on the end closest to the gym
**Keep track of times


Active Recovery/Mobility
A. OHS 3 x 10 @ 3333- Bar Only, Bar + 10’s per side, and go heavier for the last set
**The goal is to get your hands as close as possible. Warmup up good, all work sets should be performed
with a “clean” grip.
5 sets
1 min Hollow Hold (if you are more proficient with the hold you may do hollow rocks)
1 min AB @ tough pace
1 min of burpees
1 min sled push (300′) light and fast
1 min Double KB OH Carry