November 28th, 2016


November 28th, 2016


DGA Fam! It’s Ashley, and it’s SO great to be back with you guys! I have missed the gym, as well as watching and coaching you all! THANK YOU for all of you who sent well wishes on my wedding, it was B-E-A-UTIFUL and perfect! Jake and I are truly blessed to have so many amazing people surrounding us!

In other news, how about Eric keeping up the posts while I was away celebrating?! Be sure to give him a high five and tell him ‘thanks’ for all he does around the gym!

Next, I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I also hope that you all ate so much great food and that you truly enjoyed yourselves. You guys really deserve it! But now its game time! Time to get back after it before Christmas hits us! Let’s get motivated this week and get ready to feel the pain. Because post Thanksgiving workouts are also rough, but we will push through and come out even stronger!

Lastly, please do not forget that our Holiday Party will be Saturday the 10th, at 6pm and it will be held  at Southern Heritage. Please feel free to bring your favorite dish!

So ready to see you all this week!



A. (Squat) Clean + (Squat) Clean + Push Jerk x 6 sets rest 90-120 sec (Build) no misses
B. Barbell Hip Thrust 3 x 7 rest 90 sec HAP
10 min AMRAP
5 FS 135/95 (from the floor)
3 S. PU
200m run
3 sets
Plank (both elbows) w/rotation 10 per side (slow and controlled)
10 Defranco Cuban Press
Cool down and stretch


A. Clean (squat) 2 EMOM for 10 min @ tough weight w/ no misses
B. Back Squat 4 x 6 @ 32×1 rest 2-3 min
3 sets for movement quality
5 Kipping PU (C2b)
5 Burpee Box Jumps
12 WB
rest 60-90 sec b/n sets
3 sets
12 Thruster 105/75, 75/55
7 BF Burpee
rest 60-90 sec b/n sets
after 3 sets
3 min recovery row or AB
**Movement quality is priority
**WIth the recovery pieces do not use the same modality both times