August 14th, 2017


August 14th, 2017



A. Back Squat 4 x 7 rest 2-3 min Build to a heavy 7 for the day
B1. SA Arnold Press 4 x 7 @ 3010
B2. Supinated Strict Pullup 4 x 5-7 chest as high as possible (3-5 sec lower each rep)
EMOM for 18 min
1 min 10-12 SA DB Snatch(alternating)
2 min Chin Over the bar hold 10-20 sec- NO BANDS
3 min 30 sec Row for Cals


5 rounds not for time
FW 150′ KB in each hand (HAP)
5-10 UB T2b + (2-3 from last week)
20 Cals AB
rest 1 min b/n each round
**The goal here is to work grip endurance, keep your HR high and also have you work on
a lower skill gymnastics movement like t2b. This is what I like to call a grinder. I really like
adding in legless RC to something like this. If you want this to be more intense then please
take out the rest and get after it.