November 16th, 2016


November 16th, 2016

EMOM Wednesday!

Awesome job today you guys! Competition, you all did really we with your snatch technique. They are looking better and better! Be ready to get after it today when you come in!


EMOM for 8 min
Even-8/7 Cals AB
Odd-9 Burpee
rest 3 min
EMOM for 8 min
Even-9 DB Thruster
Odd-10 Push up @ 3010 (you may add weight)
rest 3 min
EMOM for 8 min
Even- 18 Jumping Lunges (9 per side)
Odd- 15 KBS American
3 sets
12 Face Pulls
10 Powell Raises
Mobility work


Active Recovery/Mobility
A. OHS 3 x 10 @ 3333 PVC, Bar Only, Bar + 10’s per side
**The goal is to get your hands as close as possible. Warmup up good, all work sets should be performed
with a “clean” grip.
5 sets
1 min Hollow Hold (if you are more proficient with the hold you may do hollow rocks)
1 min row @ tough pace
1 min of burpees
1 min sled push (300′) light and fast
1 min Double KB OH Carry