November 15th, 2016


November 15th, 2016

Topic Tuesday

Great job tonight everyone! I don’t know about you guys, but I got CHILLY!

Hey I wanted to talk to you all about using the dry erase boards. I loveee that I see some of you using them to write the workout on, as that is what they are for! 🙂 However, moving forward, lets try to erase whatever we write on them when we are done. This will help keep them clean, and unstained. Thank you so much for helping us keep our gym beautiful!



A1. Arnold Press 4 x 10 @ 3010 (pronate hand at the top) (build)
A2. Barbell Row 4 x 10 @ 31×3
6 sets
Double KB OH Carry 150′
sled push
300yd shuttle on sets (1,3,5 and 6)
**Be consistent with your times on the shuttle run


A. Snatch Technique- 10 min
B. Snatch (Squat) @ 70-75% 2-3 EMOM for 8 min
4 sets
KB FR RFESS x 8 reps @ 31×1
BB BP x 8 reps @ 32×1
900 yd shuttle (parking lot) -9 changes of direction, start and finish on the end closest to the gym
rest 2 min x 3