May 23rd, 2017


May 23rd, 2017


I hope those of you that came to the gym this afternoon had the chance to meet Chasity Snowden tonight! She is an awesome chick with a ton of knowledge on nutrition and Crossfit in general. For those of you that didn’t get her information, here it is!


A1. Deadlift 4 x 5 build to a heavy 5 for the day
A2. SA DB Row 4 x 8 @ 31×2 rest 60 sec b/n arms
5 sets
10 Cals (AB Hard)
20-30 sec chin over the bar hold
6 KB/DB Snatch Per side
rest 90-120 sec


A. DU + Pistol skill work-15-20 min
**Alternate between the movements
**Focus on breathing, hand position with DU’s, foot position on the pistol
***What feels good? What is optimal? How can we help get you into better
B. DB Snatch Skill Work-10 min
**Practice switching in the air vs on the floor
C. T2b-Skill work w/ remainder of time