May 22nd, 2017


May 22nd, 2017


In case you guys didn’t see Natalie’s post on Facebook, we have teamed up with a nutrition group, Jason Phillips Nutrition! We will have our very OWN nutrition coach (Chasity Snowden) that will be coming to the gym weekly to work with any folks who need nutrition guidance! She will be at the gym tomorrow between 4-6pm. If you’re around, please be sure to introduce yourself to Chasity!

Here’s a little about Chasity:

I am a 2017 and 2015 CrossFit Team Regional Athlete, a 2016 CrossFit Individual Regional Athlete, and I Placed 9th in Southeast Region in 2016. I have a BS in Exercise Health Science.

What got you involved in the nutrition world and why did you become a coach?

I started off in high school with eating disorders in order to lose weight. Once in college the eating disorders were in full swing and started researching how I could lose weight and be healthy. I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder, anxiety and depression, and put on a lot of medications. Around this time I realized how food could change all that and started changing my lifestyle habits. Years later I tried bikini competition and the eating disorders came back with a vengeance so I quit and gained weight again and tried to go back to clean food. Once I started Crossfit three years ago I realized I could not simply eat clean in order to perform. After going through the process with Jason and realizing there was an easier way where I could fit good nutrition into my traveling life, AND become an elite athlete, I wanted to share with as many as possible. I wanted to let others see they could let go of fear and rules and disordered eating and still have abs or become a great athlete! The passion to help others come through.

Best success story from client relationship:

Honestly the stories where my client says they no longer apply their self worth to their body is what I deem the most successful! We can have any body we want if we do the work and stay consistent – but the freedom of loving ourselves is what I truly see as success!

How do you motivate and inspire people?

I live it! I struggle just like they do and therefore they can see that it’s doable even with times of difficulty! I motivate by being 100% real with them!



A1. Back Squat 4 x 5 Build to a 5 RM for the day
A2. Active Rest Sled Push (45’s each side) x 5 sets rest as needed
4 sets
400m run/ row
16 UB WB
30-40 sec DU Practice
rest 60- 90 sec per set


A. Snatch 50%x3,60%x3, 75% 2 sets x 3 reps, 80%x 2, 85% 2 sets x 1rep
**Please remember that these are singles
B. Back Squat 4 x 7 rest 2-3 min (work to a heavy set for the day)
C. -10% of B for 7 (this is a drop set, should be 90% of B
Every 3 min for 4-5 sets
10 Burpee Box jumps 20/24
8/10 Cals AB
**Depending on how many people are in class we may have to use rowers too. If you have to use the rower
please alternate b/n the two modalities.