March 9th, 2017


March 9th, 2017


Congrats on making it the first half of the week!

Tomorrow we get to learn what 17.3 will be! I know some of us having started guessing as to what the workout will be! Tomorrow’s workout isn’t going to be anything super crazy, so we’re all ready for Friday! With that being said, take the time you have in the gym seriously. If there is a movement you should be practicing, practice it! None of us are perfect, we can always use repetitions to make our movement patterns better. Fitness, you guys will have time at the end of your workout to practice a goal you have in mind, so think about it and come in tomorrow with a movement you’d like to practice!



A. OHS 4 x 5-7 @ 3131 rest 2-3 min
5 sets
Diagonal Cutting through agility cones
Half Kneeling land mine rotation x 5 per side
12/7 HR Pushup
Anything you would like to work on


AB 30 sec @ 85%
30 sec rest x 10
rest 5 min x 2
pistol practice-5-7 min
HSPU practice-5-7 min
***For the gymnastics movements