March 8th, 2017


March 8th, 2017


I’m sure you all did great today, I know I missed you guys! Tomorrow, Fitness, you guys may see some movements that look unfamiliar to you. If you’d like to see a video on these movements, click on them. Otherwise, we will show you when you come in tomorrow morning/afternoon!



A1. Double DB OH Walking Lunge 7 per side x 4 sets rest 60-90 sec
A2. Burpee Box Step Overs 7 reps (both feet must touch the top of the box
4 sets
200m run
DU Practice 30-45 sec
15 WB (there is a good chance you will see these on Friday)
Cool Down
2-3 sets
spider man crawl 50-75′
Reverse Bear Crawl 75′
Passive hang on the PU bar
5-10 HS KIck Ups (optional)


A. Thruster 4 x 8-10 “Build” everyone starts @ 75
B. Accumulate 25-30 HSPU
6 sets
8/12 Cal Row keep cal/hr as high as possible
1 Sled push #90/50
rest 1 min

rest 6 min

5 sets
15 American KBS
7/10 Cals AB
rest 1 min