March 2nd, 2017


March 2nd, 2017


Before we dive into tomorrows workout and all that goodness, I’d like to apologize for the error in the blog last night. I’m only human and I make mistakes. If you happen to see something that doesn’t look right, shoot me a text or Facebook message and let me know! I promise I didn’t do it on purpose. ha Also, I write the blog MOST nights, so if you let Eric or Stanley know, they’re simply going to text me and have me fix it. lol Ps, this is Ashley, for those of you who may not know! đŸ™‚

Now, to the good stuff. Great job making it through hump day, crew! We all know tomorrow is Thursday, which means we will find out what the workout will be for 17.2! We know it’s bound to be an exciting and tough one, so watch the announcement and think about how you’ll tackle it! Remember, if you have any questions on strategy or technique, ASK! Chances are some athletes have gone before you, and they’ll have some insight on what to expect!



4-5 sets for movement quality
5-7 OHS barbell/pvc only
5-7 yoga pushups @ 3010
5-7 Cart Wheels
Frog Stand accumulate 20-25 sec
3 sets
12 face pulls
x’s,t’s,y’s 20-30 sec @ each position


AB 30 sec @ 85%
30 sec rest x 10
rest 5 min x 2
pistol practice-5-7 min
HSPU practice-5-7 min
***For the gymnastics movements