March 1st, 2017


March 1st, 2017


So, I was very proud of all of the Fitness athletes that took time to really learn and go over the Hang Power Snatch tonight. It’s not always about putting the most weight on the bar all the time. From time to time we all have to step back and go back to the basics. Breaking a movement down, step by step, gives you the chance to see where you may be lacking or missing out. If you notice, we do this with the Competition group too. Elite athletes make this a part of their training schedule. It’s IMPORTANT, so take it seriously.



Please make sure you sign up for a heat, when you’d like to workout on Friday, by tomorrow afternoon. Amanda needs these so she can assign judges. If you cannot make it to the gym tomorrow, please get with someone and have them put you down. Also, please turn in $5 if you’d like to eat Friday night. It’s a half chicken and sweet potato from Southern Heritage!


A1. Double DB OH Walking Lunge 7 per side x 4 sets rest 60-90 sec
A2. Burpee Box Step Overs 7 reps (both feet must touch the top of the box
4 sets
200m run
DU Practice 30-45 sec
8-10 DB Thruster (No Barbells) 35/20
Cool Down
2-3 sets
spider man crawl 50-75′
Reverse Bear Crawl 75′
Passive hang on the PU bar
5-10 HS KIck Ups (optional)


6 sets
8/12 Cal Row
1 Sled push #90/50
rest 1 min

rest 6 min

5 sets
15 American KBS
7/10 Cals AB
rest 1 min