June 6th, 2017


June 6th, 2017


A word from our head coach and owner!

Over the past few months or so my coach has given me the ability to work on some skills that I honestly had no idea needed that much work. We have really been focused on my gymnastics and making my body positions tighter to make sure that I can execute the movements with greater technical proficiency(especially at higher heart rates). We have been working hollow/arch body positions with and w/o resistance, we have been doing movements in the GHD that are extremely tough, I have also added in on my own skill work that I have wanted to work on and get more proficient at (HS Walking, Strict MU’s). So why am I telling you this? The reason that I spend the amount of money that I do on coaching is so that I can become a better coach and so that I can be a resource to our coaches at DGA. I have so many tools, resources, and exercises that can help everyone but there is no way I/we can program everything in a group setting. Some of you are wanting to get better at “higher” level gymnastics i.e. muscle ups [bar and rings] w/o spending time in the trenches with “lower” level skill developmental pieces i.e. push ups, T2B, Strict pull ups. So, in order to move into higher level gymnastics EVERYONE regardless if you are following fitness or competition should be able to do 8-10 pushups @ 3010 #1 priority…#2 Priority should be strict PU’s @ tempo. After that, you should be able to maintain good body positions in other gymnastics movements like t2b, kipping PU’s, HS Holds, etc….Please take advantage of the skill work. If you need objective feedback on what your next steps are please have a conversation with one of our coaches-this is what we are here for!! We can help you individually with progressions!

This post is to make sure that everyone knows that with group training we have to move at the lowest common denominators skill set. Which may mean that you are not getting everything that you need. However, we can fix that. WE just have to sit down and have objective conversations with one another. Some of you may be wanting to try higher skill movements but are not quite ready. Please let us know what you need or would like to get better at so that we can provide you with the service that you are looking for. We will be hosting a couple of different seminars in the near future. Please be on the lookout for the details regarding these.


A1. Deadlift 4 x 5 build to a heavy 5 for the day(Take 85-90% of most recent 5RM and use for all 4 sets)
A2. Seated Double KB OH Press 4 x 7 @ 31×3 (accmulate 30 sec hold on last rep of each set)
**Hips should be higher in the starting/bottom postion of the Deadlift vs. where your hips would be
in the start of the PC and Clean. Remember nautral spine and head…
5 sets
12 Cals (AB Hard)
30-35 sec chin over the bar hold
8 KB/DB Snatch Per side
rest 90-120 sec


Good Warmup- Like what you would do before an open workout-10-20 mins
3 rounds for time
20 Alt’ing DB Snatch (10 per side)
20 Box Jump Step Downs
40 DU

rest as needed

4 rounds for time
30 cal row
20 SA OH Squats (10 per arm) same weight
10 T2b