June 29th, 2017


June 29th, 2017



A. 3 Push Press + 2 PJ- work to a tough set of the complex
20 min AMRAP
5 PU
10 Pushups
15 AirSquats
**You may sub ring rows for PU, no bands
**You may elevate the hands for the pushups


Clean 1RM-If you are not exactly sure how to build
take a look at your training logs from the last few weeks. This should provide some
good insights on where to start. Also if lifting heavy is not your thing or you have missed a
few weeks of training you can do some technique work.
Everyone really should video these lifts so you and your coach can look at them together frame
by frame.
For time
C2b or Chin Over Pullup
For time
30 Cal Row
30 Thrusters 105/75
reference 5/3/16