June 28th, 2017


June 28th, 2017


Hey crew, awesome job today! It’s always fun to watch you guys come in and work hard!!

Side note: Some of us coaches have barbells of our own in the gym. If you did not ask said coach, please do not use their barbell. This is just politeness. We have plenty of barbells throughout the gym for you guys to use! ­čÖé There are two black Bella (woman’s) bars, and 1 silver male bar.



A1. Incline DB BP 3 x 5 ( not too heavy, just get comfortable with the movement)
A2. FLR 20 sec + Wall Walk w/ 20 sec hold with chest to wall + 20-30 sec FLR x 3 sets
A3. Supinated Pullup x 3 + 20 sec chin over the bar hold x 3 sets
4 sets
30 sec @ 80%
1 malcolm
1 seld push
rest as needed
2-3 sets
Arms OH Bench Stretch 30 sec
Couch stretch 30 sec per side
**Focus on breathing and getting into your parasympathetic state
(breath thorugh the nose and out of the mouth)


4 sets
30-45 sec FLR in Rings w/ turnout
30-45 sec Holllow Hold (toes pointed; knees locked out)
20-30 sec Dip Bar Support Holds(nothing fancy here just a hold wth elbows locked out)
*Control eccentric with a 10 sec descent
4 sets
30 sec Tuck Hold in Dip bar (this will progress to L-sit soon)
10-12 Pushups @ 5010
30 sec dish hold (shoulders pressed into ears and get as long as you can)
**Some of this may not seem hard to you but its really about baby steps with the gymnastics work.