July 10th, 2017


July 10th, 2017


Hey Dga Fam! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know we had a great time out at The Market on Madison Saturday morning. We had a great group and a lot of fun! Thank you to all of you who were about to make it out!

Guys, please notice there is only one workout today! Please make sure you go up in weight, or scale accordingly!

A. Thruster 5 x 5 rest 2-3 min (last 2 sets should be heavier than last week)
B1. Strict Pullup w/ 5 sec hold @ top 4 x 4-5
B2. DB BP 4 x 5-7 @ 3010
400m run
rest 2 min x 4
2-3 sets
Bretzel 30 sec per side (get deeper with each breath)
Ostritch Walk 25′
Horse Walk 25′