January 4th, 2017


January 4th, 2017


So, how many people saw that I wrote ‘January 2nd, 2016’ a few days ago? Ha sorry about that guys, I will try to remember that it is 2017 now!

Anyway, back to business! Tomorrow is an active recovery day, so you should all be excited about that!

Also, please remember we will be having a ‘live’ tow hall meeting very soon to talk about some important things going on in the gym. Please be on the look out for the date, and try your best to be in attendance!


“Active Recovery”
5 sets
Double KB OH Carry 150′
Hollow Hold 30-45 sec
Row 400m @ a tough pace
3 sets
10 Defranco Cuban Press
10 Yoga Pushups @ 3010
10 Side Plank w/ rotation
Shoulder Pails and Rails


“Active Recovery”
1k row
60 sec BF Burpee
60 sec WW -about 3-4
x 3 sets
rest 2 min
400m run
60 sec HPS
60 sec DU
x 4 sets
**The goal here is to keep a nice steady pace for about 60min. Stay steady