January 31st, 2017


January 31st, 2017


Yesterday was great! Competition, you guys did really well with that Open Prep AMRAP. Finding a steady pace is going to be key for those workouts. We don’t want to got our of the gate so hard that you’re gassed two or three minutes in. Fitness, you all did an awesome job as well. Having a workout that is ‘for time’ can be tricky. You don’t feel the need to go really fast, but you don’t want to go too slow either. I thought you guys did good finding that middle ground. Getting your heart rate up, and keeping it at a good rate is important for these kinds of workouts.



A1. Shoulder Press “Strict” 4 x 6 @ 31×1 rest 1 min
A2. Strict Pullup 4 sets x 4-5 reps or 3 position hold 10-12 sec at each position rest as needed x 4-5 reps
5 sets
16 KBS
12 Burpees
rest 1:30
Ido Portal Squat Routine


A. 3 FS EMOM for 7 min @ tough weight with no misses
For time
PC and Jerk 115/85 135/105 155/125
C2b PU
**Scale based on your individual strengths
** chin over bar PU’s can be used in place of C2b
**practice changing weights and being effecient with rest
Shoulder Pails and Rails x 2-3 sets per side
During Pails keep core tight and brace
During Rails you can relax the core but focus on breathing @ 4181
4 inhale through nose
1 hold
8 exhale
1 hold