January 30th, 2017


January 30th, 2017


Welcome to another great week, Dga! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. Tomorrow is going to be a good day as well. Fitness, focus on keeping your booty and core tight on those Wall Walks. Competition, you guys know The Open is coming soon, so take that into consideration when doing the AMRAP. Pick a pace that is going to challenge you!



A1. Back Squat 4 sets x 6 reps @ 30×1 rest as needed Build
heaviest weight from last week
A2. Wall Walk x 2-3 x 4 sets pause 2 sec at the top rest 2 min
**Sub for WW is 75′ Rev Bear Crawl
4 sets
18 WB
1 Sled push (same weight as last week)
6-8 Inverted Rows
rest as needed
Hips Pails and Rails x 2-3 rotations


A. Snatch Technique- about 20 mins
12 mim AMRAP @ open pace
10 T2b
20 DU
10 Burpee
3 sets
8-10 Ring Hinge Row
10 Z press @ 3010
rest as needed