February 9 2016


February 9 2016

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” Tim Ferriss


As most of you have figured out by now I do not enjoy talking about myself. I struggle with receiving compliments, and being around large groups of people. In the past couple of years I have noticed that I prefer reading a book vs. hanging out with others. I have not always been this way. At one time, I was the life of the party. I could stay up for days hanging out and talking about nothing. I am honestly not sure what happened, or when my personality started to change. My focus now, is providing for my family, building personal and professional relationships, and “gymmin”.

We are at an interesting crossroads for DGA. At one time, I coached every single class, not to mention, that was when we had one at 7:30PM.   My schedule was something like this; I coached the 8:30AM, went to work from 11:00AM-3:00PM, returned to the gym to begin coaching again at 4:30 and continued through the afternoon to wind the evening up with a final 7:30PM class. I was completely burnt out and I had no life. To maintain sanity, and in an effort to get home earlier to be with family, I had to make the necessary decision to eliminate the 7:30PM class, one of our larger classes. I am not certain if this caused me to lose clients, but it was something I had to do.   Since that time, I have slowly made adjustments to our schedule, operating procedures, and staff. All of the decisions that have been made align with values that  I set forth for this company and are in an effort to improve it.  Making changes to a business is often difficult, and while we hope that these changes affect everyone positively, it is inevitable that in some cases, the affect can be the opposite.  Our goal is to continue making improvements in order to provide you, the client, with a better service. I want to share my vision with all of you so that you will have a better understanding of what this company stands for and where we are heading. Some of the material in the vision has not happened yet….but just as in 2009, when I was beginning, the gym was already created in my mind, I was just waiting for everyone else to see it.


Vision for DGA

At CrossFit DGA we believe that fitness is a tool that has the potential to create a better life. Through proper education of our staff and clients, we create a direct link between mind & body and heart & soul. Our CF classes are typical in structure.  However, your experience with our staff and our atmosphere is like no other.

CrossFit DGA is home to over 200 clients. We offer small group training, CF, and Boot Camp classes. All of our CF clients receive 2 complimentary personal training sessions per month. We work with local high schools, offering sport specific and general strength and conditioning sessions. We also train and offer small business development workshops. Every quarter we have nutrition workshops at no cost to our clients.

Continuing education for our staff and clients is a top priority for DGA. We give our coaches $500 per year to spend on continuing edcucation. We have 2 full time employees and 5 part-time/personal contract workers. Our coaches/staff must attend one seminar per year in order to continue upgrading their fitness education.

In 2011 we started climbing this fitness industry mountain. As my team and I ascended and progressed, we noticed that we did not have the right equipment for education, personal training and assessments. We improved our equipment and made a commitment to continue our progress. Mid-climb, however, the clouds started to peel back we noticed something, another mountain four times the size of the one being conquered. There will always be another mountain and there is always room for progress.  My team and I are committed to make it to the top of the next mountain, are you?