February 15 2016


February 15 2016

Quick house keeping notes for the week.

  1. The Friday Night Light practice session will be Saturday (February 20) morning. Briefing will be @ 9:20 and the first heat will go around 9:30-9:40. All judges, please be there by 9a.
  2. We ask that all clients please leave the coaching to the coaches. Please remember that we have multiple programs running at one time. Not everyone is following the same program.

Looking forward to another great week at DGA!!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!


A. Thruster 4 x 5-7 reps rest 2:30
12 min AMRAP
10 cal row
14 KB Snatch
15 WB
3 sets
10 Side Arches per side
20 Hollow Rocks
rest as needed

**For “A” the weights should increase every set. You should also do 2-3 warmup sets and then do your 4 work sets



A. OHS 4 sets x 3 rest 2:30
B. PS Tng- Work to a tough 3 for the day
5 sets
8-10 C2b Pullup
10 BJSD 24/20
12 Wallballs
rest 60 sec

**Increase 1-2 reps for each exercise for the conditioning from last week