February 13th, 2017


February 13th, 2017


Crew, welcome to another great week here at DGA! We are always so happy, and honored to see each of you everyday!

I know we give you guys a lot of reminders and updates, but next time you come into the gym (if you’re doing The Open) please be sure to sign the sheet we have. I’m going to try to make some room on the white board for us to post this list. It’s important that you sign this sheet so we know who all will be participating in The Open for our teams! Amanda Tapley is our head judge, if you have any questions about teams or how we will run the event this year, you may ask her.

Aslo, here is the video that Eric made for us as a gym. He answers some key questions about how we will participate in The Open as a gym!



A1. Z Press w/ KB’s 4 x 8 @ 3010 “HWFLW”
A2. SA DB Row 4 x 8 per side rest 1-2 after you finish last arm “HWFLW”
EMOM 16 min
1 min- 30- 35 sec of DU Practice
2 min- 16 WB’s
EMOM for 8 min
Shuttle Run (parking lot)
Cool down (nice easy walk for about 8-10 min)


A. Snatch Technique- about 10-15 min
B. Snatch 2 EMOM for 8 min- Tough weight- same weight across all sets-No TNG
HSPU work-10-20 min
16 min AMRAP
30 DU
10 BBJO 24/20
10 Cleans 155/105
60 DU
20 BBJO 24/20
20 Cleans 155/105
120 DU
30 Cleans