December 28 2015


December 28 2015

As we get ready to start a new year I wanted to take the time to reflect just a little and also maybe give some insight into a few key points that I learned during this past year. I always have trouble articulating my thoughts when it comes time for me to write a post. It is something that I want to get better at so here goes….

If you have been around long enough you probably have heard words like metcon, scaling, chipper, and for time. These words are typical CrossFit vernacular. However, as far as I know they are not trademarked by CrossFit and I am sure other facilities may use them from time to time but mostly they are used within the CF community.

One of the main reasons that you do not here the word metcon around our facility is because we do not do many metcons. We train to move better. Metcons as I understand it is about high reps, intensity, and getting done first(or as fast as possible). What suffers from this type of work is… guessed it MOVEMENT QUALITY. ¬†As you may have noticed we have moved to more sleds, kb, sprint, row, etc for our conditioning work( also known as metcon)…..These types of movements are easier to perform under duress because they are on the lower end of the fundamental spectrum. Most people can get a high aerobic dose response and continue to move between exercises without taking huge breaks when using these exercises. This allows the user to maintain a higher rate of breathing and sweating. These two side effects (sweating and elevated respiratory rate) seem to be the only way we measure good workouts anymore.

All this being said it is now time to get ready for the Open. It is now time to hit some metcons. However, we are going to take a smarter approach this year. Movement quality has to be a priority for all of our clients moving forward. We are going to gain more awareness, become more educated about our bodies, and take our fitness to another level. See you tomorrow DGA!!!!!

The schedule for this week is below


Mon-Wed regular

Thur- 830A Open gym 12-2, Open gym 4-6

Friday Closed

Saturday- 9a



Strength Speed/Open Prep/Shoulder stability and health
A. PC (Power Clean) 3-3-3-3-3 rest 1-3 min b/n sets
12 min AMRAP @ 85%
10 Cal Row
10 KB Snatch (5 per arm)
10 Wallball
DeFranco Cuban Press 3 x 10 reps rest 1-2 min



Absolute Strength/ Strength Speed/ Open Prep
A. Clean + 2 FS- Build to a tough single of the complex
B. EMOM for 8 min 2 Clean + 1 PJ @ 75% of 1 RM
EMOM for 24 min
1 min 10-12 WB
2 min 6-8 T2b (toes must touch the bar) **build from last week or stay the same**
3 min 8-9 Burpee Box Jump 20′
4 min 30 “UB” DU

**5 Burpees for every set that is not UB**

**B** is designed to make you better a lifting. It needs to be a weight that you can move easy….think Rich Froning-isk