December 23 2015


December 23 2015

For “competition” please read carefully.

Guys please work on your lifts before you do your row intervals. If mobility needs to be addressed please do it before and after.

Ladies you may do your row intervals first before moving on to the skill work.



Core Stability/Shoulder stability/SL
5 sets
TGU 3 per side (HAP)
SL Lateral Stepup with DB’s 8-10
Wall Walk 2-3 reps with 2 sec hold at the top with nose/chest on the wall
4 sets
Pro Cobra 60 sec
Face Pulls 12 reps
Hollow Hold 30-45 sec



Cyclical Aerobic Work
350m row @ 90%
rest 60 sec x 9
rest 4 min x 2
Gymnastics Skill Work
4 sets-same number of reps every set
UB T2b
UB Strict HSPU
rest as needed
** If you are following competition and you do not feel like your HSPU are the greatest and you do not
care to work on them you may sub regular pushups+
Lifting Technique
Stay below 75% on any and all lifts