December 22nd, 2016


December 22nd, 2016


Tonight was jut awesome! We had some of our members put up great PR’s on their back squats, and our fitness members did great with all of those thrusters. Keep up the hard work throughout the rest of the week!

Just in case you didn’t see on Facebook, we will be doing our 12 Day’s of Christmas WOD on Saturday at 9:15am. If you have never participated in a workout like this, you are in for a treat! I really hope that everyone can make sometime Saturday afternoon to come and join us to celebrate Christmas with an awesome workout!



A1. PC 5 x 2 rest as needed
A2. DB BP 5 x 6 rest 60- 90 sec
A3. S. Supinated PU 5 x 2-3 @ 31×2
5 sets
12 Lateral Step Ups (6 per side) you may add weight
Sled Push
20-30 sec Chin Over the Bar Hold
3 sets
8 Good Mornings “Slow eccentric and fast concentric”
10 side plank w/ rotation (you may add weight) 10 per side


Active Recovery
3 min AB
2 min Row
1 min Shuttle run
x 5 -7 sets
3 sets
10 Back Ext w/ weight w/ twist
10 BW Back Ext no twist
30 sec Hollow Rock
10-15 min Mobility work