December 21st, 2016


December 21st, 2016


My competition classes, you guys did so amazing with DT this afternoon! It is awesome to see you all take a workout like that and do great with it. I know it is getting colder, but I hope everyone can bare the cold weather and continue to finish this week strong!

Tomorrow is going to be another awesome day, and we cannot wait to see you all!


A. Thruster work to a tough 5 in 4 sets
B. 5 Thrusters EMOM for 6 min- tough weight w/ no misses
4 sets
40 DU or 10 Cals AB
12 Hand Release Pushups
60′ Broad Jump


A. BS 5RM- Rest as needed
**Compare to 9/14/15, 9/9/16
4 rounds for time
40 UB DU
25 wallball
12 T2b
reference 9/23/14, 9/7/16