August 9 2016


August 9 2016

**At the bottom of the page you will find a conversation b/n my coach and I. For all of those who really love the sport of CrossFit….The game is changing and will continue to change because of how new the sport is. So if you want to get better and compete even locally you should read this conversation….As always the goal is to create an environment where we can all be successful physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A1. RDL 4 x 10 @ 31×1 no rest
A2. Renegade Row 4 x 10 per side no rest (complete each side before switching)
B1. WW x 2 + 8/5 Pushups @ 3010+ 30- 45 sec FLR x 5 sets (this is a complex; no rest until the completion of the complex) rest as needed
C2. Wtd Walking Reverse Lunge 5 X 7 per side no rest
FR Mobility work
Sweat Session (Optional)
20 DU
10 cal row
10 Russian KBS
rest 45-60 sec x 5

A. PC + 7 Push Press x 4 sets rest 2 min
B. RDL 3 x 7 @ 31×1 rest 2 min (build)
C. Accumulate 40 hollow rocks- not for time
EMOM 24 min
1 min-8/10 cals AB
2 min-8/12 T2b
3 min-35 DU
4 min-Strict Dips (bar only) 4/2 + 15-18 sec hold in bottom position

To Kyle:
Good morning!

Just doing some reflecting this morning on the Granite Games and my training. When I was with James Taylor we did a good bit of MAP mixed modal work and mostly @ 80%. With this type of training I would break my sets so that I had the best score or was able to keep moving without feeling the effects of local muscular endurance failure.
What I have started to see or realize is that the sport seems to have changed in the last couple of years or people are just getting better….Now it seems that if you want to be good or competitive you have to have muscle endurance, big aerobic base, and a higher anerobic threshold. You can’t just have one of the three and be competitive.
Not sure if my analysis makes sense. After typing this out and thinking I am sure that it has always been like this and I am just realizing it.
We can talk more about this next Wednesday. But I am super excited about where we are and where we are headed with my training. Thanks again! Good luck with GG#5

Kyle’s Response

Eric — I think you are 100% on the mark here (this is exactly what we have discussed w/ TTT) the only thing missing from your assessment of the needs for the sport currently is a well developed CP battery (i.e. strength-speed endurance). which can be developed by using a-lactic aerobic training.

MAP / 80-85% work is fantastic for developing the aerobic base, and for very POWERFUL athletes (like myself / Max) can be a good tool for developing the power preservation needed to be successful in the sport. HOWEVER for the majority of the athletes we work with…this is not the case, generally they need more work in the higher-intensity training zones and I think this gets missed when coaches focus too much on pacing / MAP style (what we would call threshold training).

We can definitely have a discussion about this next week.