August 10 2016


August 10 2016

This is continued from the conversation with my coach. I wanted to define some terms so that everyone will have a better understanding of the conversation. These are my definitions. These are not from a textbook.

MAP-Maximum Aerobic Power. MAP training can be done using mixed modal work (CrossFit) or doing regular aerobic cyclical work (Rowing/AB/runnning intervals or for distances or total time). The goal with this type of training is to stay “Aerobic”, basically heavy breathing but continuously moving and making the work look easy…think Matt Fraser. Doing MAP training allows the user to refine good movement patterns with an elevated HR, but not so elevated that breaks are required.

CP Battery- CP stands for Creatine Phosphogenic. This is the energy system that we try and develop when making clients better at barbell cycling. Snatches, cleans, shoulder to overhead, and the power versions(PC and PS) all fall into a category on the strength continuum and that category is strength speed. Let me give you an example “Grace” is 30 Clean and Jerks for time. Assuming that the individual is strong enough to move the barbell 30 times efficiently and the have a well developed and refined Clean and Jerk we can make the assumption that to make their over all time better we would need to develop their CP battery for this particular workout. The easiest way to do that is EMOM training.

I will save a-lactic training for tomorrow. This will give me something to write about tomorrow;) Cheers!!!!



A1. Sled Push 18-20 sec of work x 4 sets
A2. 200m run x 4 sets
A3. WB 12-15 ***HAP x 4 sets
4 sets
45-60 sec FLR (go past parallel with hands, rings may need to be elevated)
Hollow Rock 40-50 reps (toes pointed; knees locked out)
Strict T2b x 5-7 (you may sub leg lifts) “No Swinging”
Optional (Sweat Session)
Shuttle run (parking lot) x 8-10 rest as needed

“Active Recovery”
AB 30 sec @ 90%
30 sec rest x 16-18
Accumulate 30/20 strict PU- perfect hollow body position **Increase reps by 5 this week
4 sets
FW with KB/hand Length of parking lot (down and back)
4 Wall Walks on even sets (1-2 legelss RC’s on odd sets)
Hollow Hold 45-60 sec