Athlete of the month!!!


Athlete of the month!!!

Hey guys!  As I’m sure you saw….Luke Daniel shared with us a personal testimony as to what CrossFit has done for his life.  The proof was in the picture to say the least!  That said, ‘thank you’ Luke….you have inspired us to start a new tradition here at CrossFit DGA!!!  This new tradition will be titled “Athlete of the Month [aka AOM–why not have an abbreviation…very fitting for us CrossFitters….hahaha].   The cool thing is…we are going to title it “AOM” but you might see “A’sOM” as well…what might that abbreviation be???

Luke is one awesome example of what CrossFit has done for him and we certainly know there are MANY other similar stories that we want to be known.  With that said, please stay tuned…you never know who and when the next AOM or A’sOM will appear!!!!!

Thank you, Luke for working hard…results don’t just happen…you have to work at them!!! Great job, man!!! Keep on keepin’ on!!


Onward and Upward!!!!