April 26th, 2018


April 26th, 2018



“A1. Deadlift x4 + Clean x 3 + 3 Shoulder to OH x 4 sets
A2. DB/KB Row (no support) 4 x 7 per side
A3. Dip Support (Bar) 4 x 10-20 sec (add 10-15 sec to last
weeks time)
400m run
Sled pull 50′ (just arms)
x 4-5 sets
rest as needed
**The ropes seem to want to splinter a little so you may need some gloves….
**Also, there are only 3 ropes for now. We will get more soon
Cool down and stretch
2-3 sets
Couch Stretch 30 sec per side
Dead Hang from PU Bar 10-20 sec”


“10 min AMRAP @ 80%
200m run
15 WB
7 c2b PU
rest 3 min
10 min AMRAP @ 80%
10/7 Cals AB
10 KB Snatch (5 per)
10 T2b
rest 3 min
10 min AMRAP @ 80%
200m run
15 WB
7 C2b PU
**This is considered a MAP session (Maximun Aerobic Power)
The goal here is to continuously move w/ minimal breaks. All sets should be UB. If you cannot do each set UB make sure you reduce the reps. REST should be your transitions and each transtion should take the same
amount of time for each triplet. This does not mean play it safe….You still need to take chances. But do so with creating and cultivating a deeper awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
4 sets
Sled push (Heavy)
rest as needed”